Voidie shares new visual for hyperpop anthem “pushing daisies”

Lloyd Garret, AKA Voidie, has released his new single “Pushing Daisies”, which breaks through new barriers within the world of hyperpop music. After creating music for several years while pursuing a career as an actor, Voidie is now on course to becoming a new face for hyperpop, whose music sits alongside icons of the scene such as Bladee and Yung Lean. 

“Pushing Daisies” contains heavy electronic production- loud growling bass sounds syncopate alongside electronic drum machines and synthesized vocals. Speaking on the release, Voidie describes how pushing daisies is about self inflicted hatred on himself, “I want this to be an escape for people.” Voidie says of the project. “This body of work is a downward spiral into my mind – a deep dive into my battle with addiction, anxiety and depression.”

Released alongside a high quality music video which features fast paced scenes, Voidie portrays “Pushing Daisies” as a visual perception of his experience with anxiety, addiction and depression. The video is a collaboration between Voidie and director Ollie Steer who explains that “”Pushing Daisies” is a “dark and morbid take on a generally light and happy genre. Following our last video, this one fills the role of evil twin and offers a harsh contrast to the previous release. This nightmarish yet charming story unfolds giving an insight into mine and Voidie’s minds. We strived for a piece of art: a collaboration, a duality – and that’s what we achieved.”

“Pushing Daisies” is out now and available to stream everywhere.

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Original article from Earmilk.com by Author: Aidan Grant
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