To Satan, Or Not To Satan…

What is it about heavy metal that brings all the boys to the yard; and I don’t mean for the milkshakes…

Since religion has begun there have been sects of those religions who wake up one morning and decide some genre or another isn’t quite up to par with the holy gospel. After that moment it becomes something of a crusade for these people to demonize musicians and attempt to exercise the unholy legions from some poor 13 year-old outside a music festival.

For all the “progress” our modern society has laid claim to, there are some places that hold on longer than others. Lexington, Tennessee appears to be such a place; Or at the very least a place where a few outliers refuse to catch on call home.

Religion was an important part of the lives of the early settlers of Henderson County, where Lexington is located. Early ministers walked or rode horseback from one settlement to another. The first minister known to have preached in Henderson County was John Barrett of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in 1824. Other denominations represented in the early days were the Methodist Episcopal Church and Missionary and Primitive Baptist. Camp meetings were often held in brush arbors near large springs. One such place was Palestine 5 miles from Lexington.

All that religious hubris aside, interestingly enough, Lexington’s past is tightly intertwined with music, mystery, and debauchery. A fitting location for a Metal Festival if I do say so myself. With all that tolerance, forgiveness, togetherness, and sense of obligatory charity one would assume music of all genres would be welcome. One would be sorely mistaken.

Unbeknownst to this obviously confused patron of the higher powers, she is unwittingly causing a nationwide sensation of PR heaven for people like me who live for stories like these. Miss Piggy, as we shall call her, has helped to garner a new following of young metal enthusiasts who would have otherwise gone on about their day mucking around the neighborhood with other like-minded youngsters. Instead, these newly inspired revolutionaries are crawling out from beneath their bed-sheets to don concert gear and wallet chains in a show of force proclaiming, “No, we will not go gently into the night…”

You see, whenever you tell children not to do something; that thing is the very thing they yearn for. The very concept of the thing burns itself into their very soul.

To you, Miss Piggy and friends, I say congratulations. On behalf of the music community everywhere I thank you for your service.

These sorts of people couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to this festival in particular. I present exhibit B:

If you are interested in attending the festival, you can purchase your tickets ($25) before the event, or you can purchase at the gate the day of the festival ($35).

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